Aki IRC Client v0.0.3 released

Well it's been 4 months since my last release. Yes, really long time due to rewriting the base code to optimise a lot of the client and to add more support for additional features. It's becoming more stable and more feature wise with each release and really happy about it.

* KonsoleDock and ChannelMonitor have been added as plugins. Channel Monitor is just as you would see in Quassel to view all the servers and channels as also having the split view to view two channels at once.
* Ctcp support was redesigned as a class to enable and disable what Ctcp modes you want to allow others to able to do. Mainly to help prevent annoyance from some people.
* All the default colours are finally added. So no more grey text everywhere ;)
* Smilies support just like you would see in Kopete, XChat (very limited in there). They use the settings from SystemSettings in KDE4. Next version will have an option to disable/enable it if you don't care for it.
* Channel logging is now added and works great. Not really customisable yet but it's only the beginning of it.
* The main menu bar as been reworked to obey the rules of HIG.
* Message log has been changed from a table view (made it too messy).
* Channel mode bar was added for easy access to changing modes of the channels. Next version will enable/disable it
* Conference mode was added to hide parts, nick changes, etc.. Which is also configurable
* Nick completion was implemented.
* Plugin support has finally been added. Currently there are 4 plugins available be default (KonsoleDock, ChannelMonitor, Browser (not really functional), Amarok Remote Control (control amarok from Aki). Plugin tutorials will be added soon but you can always look at these plugins for help right now.
* Amarok Remote Control is now configurable in the Configuration dialog
* Quick connection dialog is added to quickly join a server.
* Server tabs are now movable and closable.
* When connecting to the server. You are able to see which identity you are using to connect to it. Some more information was added.

And too many bugs have been fixed to list. And there are still bugs out there right now.

Here are some screenshots to help

Here is how to create the split view by right clicking on any tab and selecting Split View.

Here is the look after completing it

Here is dragging and dropping a channel from the bottom view to the top view by clicking the middle mouse button and dragging it to the top view. When the tab has entered the area of the top view it will accept it. You can do the same from top view to the bottom view.

Here are views of the plugins currently available in Aki by default. KonsoleDock, ChannelMonitor and the Amarok Remote Control (in the channel)

Aki's browser with the KonsoleDock and Channel Monitor so you can browse the web and keep an eye on IRC :P. A little ridiculous but I like it ;)

Aki's trunk was moved to Gitorious from KDE's svn. But KDE's svn will still be there with the latest version for translations.

Please critism, ideas, patches, etc. are welcome :) Also join #aki on Freenode. I'm always on :)


  1. Looks great, dude. I'll be sure to do a build of this ASAP and do a writeup on it possibly. Ever since you showed it to me at OSCON I've really liked it.

  2. WOW!
    Looks really great, seems like a new Emacs: will it have a good integrated irc client?