AkiIRC Python Bindings

AkiIRC has Python bindings now. So if you prefer to use AkiIRC in Python you can do it now. Please remember this is very experimental right now. Though I have not ran in to any issues yet. There might still be some floating around. There are two versions of it. the PyKDE4 and the PyQt4 version. There is an issue, though it is stylistic bug if you want to call it. Where if you are the type to not do from PyKDE4.aki import *. You would need to specify PyKDE4.aki.Aki.Irc when doing the Socket class and other classes. Since it's using the C++ namespace of Aki::Irc.

You can find the tutorials on Aki's Wiki.

C++ version: http://wiki.akiirc.org/Development/Tutorials/HelloWorld
Python version: http://wiki.akiirc.org/Development/Tutorials/HelloWorldPython