Aki's New Shell mockup

I'm back :). Sorry, I have not posted in a long time. Been working on a new shell for Aki and though it's still in development right now. I wanted to show you what I have done so far and to make you drool ;P. This shell is a copy of KDevelop4's sublime but it doesn't use sublime (yes I know I should have used sublime but it had some quirks so I had to write my own). It's written completely from scratched, just borrowed two functions from sublime for rotation of button. :).

Currently there is a few little quirks due to having limitation due to Qt's neglect of the QDockWidget. But I'm currently trying to figure out a way around them. This is just a current sample mock up. As you can see in this video, I borrowed the idea of the tabs at the top of KDevelop4 for the servers. This will give more view of the channels since it won't be a tab in tab and auto hideable docks (Qt doesn't offer this and I don't know why).

I haven't decided if I will just have just tabs for the channels or I will have the option of tabs or channel list in a dock, or just both. Hopefully with this new design it will give a much easier user interface, better performance and easier development with.

If you have suggestions or anything, just leave comment or come in #aki. If no one is in this or not talking just idle and I'll respond when I get back.