KPackageKit woes

I remember recently trying the latest version of Kubuntu simple because I was getting sick of compiling with Gentoo. Well Kubuntu was fine and dandy. But when it came to install software I had to use the new KPackageKit and that was fine, it didn't bother me. What came to bother me was that it's a bloody pain in the arse to mess with.

First of all, when trying to install the latest version of a package. You would come across multiple versions of it. And it's hard to navigate when there is multiple versions of the same package. Because you might accidentally install the older version and what not. So I looked through the interface for an option to show me the latest version. Okay it says show update versions or something like that. Find, I clicked it. But does it show me the latest versions, bloody no.

If you change any option in the drop down list to like show only package not installed to something else. Does it update the list? Bloody no. I have to basically either close the application and do it again with no packages listed or change the other drop down list. This was a few months ago. I just recently tried Fedora 12 out. It has KPackageKit also. So I tried to love KPackageKit again. And it was the same complete mess again. Same exact problems.

So without further ado. I think I'll just go stick with OpenSuse with it's nice install interface application YaST or simple just deal with Gentoo's portage. Because I cannot understand how distros can just go install a bloody buggy application like KPackageKit. I have no time to mess with such tool like that. It's nothing wrong with the distros. The distros are fine. Just KPackageKit. I just want to stab it over and over again.