Aki v0.0.2 released

Proud to announce version 0.0.2 release of Aki. Aki is an extensive IRC client for KDE4. Offers a drag and drop multi-channel view. I guess you would call it a MDI in a SDI like hack. It's been through 3 rewrites (I'm never happy with my code), but right now it's very well organised. Most of the features are working. But still lacks alot of the regular calls.

Thanks goes out to Lee Olson for the Aki icon as you and for the NickView icons. Really appricate it. Aki will contain alot of bugs. I already know most of them. And are currently being worked on. If anyone would like to try it out and give their opinions much appreciation. And I have my own channel on freenode #aki. So feel free to come in. I won't bite ;). Here is a screenshot to see for yourself. Sorry for not more of interesting, not good at talking ;).

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